Zinc welded fence mesh 1.8 x 20 m

Zinc welded fence mesh 1 x 20 m, wire thickness 1.6 mm.
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Zinc welded fence mesh 1.8 x 20 m, produced according to SR EN 10223-4

Zinc welded fence mesh 1.8 x 20 m is a product obtained by welding 1.6 mm thick galvanized wire with special tools. Galvanized welded fence meshes are produced and marketed in rolls of 20 m / roll and are differentiated according to the height of the roller.

Zinc welded fence mesh shows a high degree of flexibility due to the constructive properties that characterize the wire wires and is used to fencing various terrain surfaces, courtyards, gardens or areas for agricultural, urban purposes.

Otelstructuri.ro sells at the best price zinc welded fence mesh H = 1.8 m - deliveries to Bucharest, Ilfov and neighboring counties.

Products specifications
Material steel
Product galvanized welded mesh
Diameter 1.6 mm
Dimensions h = 1.8 m, 20 m / roll
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