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Terms and conditions regarding the use of the otelstructuri.ro website

In order to access this site, you must read and accept the information below, which means that you agree to the terms and conditions of use of www.otelstructuri.ro.

www.otelstructuri.ro is the exclusive property of S.C. Meteled Steel Materials S.R.L., with identification data at RC J40 / 15357/2018, and CUI 40050130, social capital 200 lei, bank account RO55BTRLRONCRT0471333501, opened at Banca Transilvania sculpture Crangasi, sect. 6, Bucharest, with headquarters in Bucharest, Sector 6, Str. Vintila Mihailescu, Nr. 8, tel. 0722 256 774, email sales@otelstructuri.ro.

www.otelstructuri.ro provides the products and services that are subject to the terms and conditions below. Metaled Steel Materials Society, S.R.L. assumes the right to modify the terms and conditions as well as the website www.otelstructuri.ro and its structure or to make any other modifications that may affect the site without the need for any prior notice to users in this sense.

SC Metaled Steel Materials S.R.L. reserves the right to refuse to collaborate with clients who have refused deliveries in the history of collaborative work.

Use of the site and the services it provides implies that you are committed to complying with applicable laws and not engaging in crack, hacking, or similar activities that jeopardize the proper functioning of the Site; server, information security, etc .; you agree not to modify, copy, transmit, display, publish, reproduce, create derivative works or sell any information or services obtained through the site; you are committed to incur any additional costs associated with the use of the site - such as those required by telephone and Internet service providers - or financial loss resulting from unauthorized use of the account used for transactions or purchases through this site.

If you register as a user on this site, you will need to fill in an application form in which certain mandatory personal data will be passed. These data will necessarily be current, clear and complete and will be updated as necessary. Metaled Steel Materials reserves the right to restrict access to the site or to specific pages or sections of the site if the information provided by a user proves to be false, incomplete, unclear or outdated.

Information about identifying a person as a user (name, surname, address, email address, phone, etc.) as well as private messages are confidential and will be disclosed only to the departments or persons to whom they are addressed, except in cases of breach of the law . Account registration and password imply certain rules. The words chosen should not create confusion, and fall within the limits of law and morality.

Each user account is personalized and secured by user and password. It may be canceled by both parties without prior notice (from the user at any time and for any reason, and from Metaled Steel Materials in the event of non-observance of the terms and conditions of the agreement).

Transmitting, renting or selling account access data (user and password) to other people is strictly forbidden. The user may change the access data if he / she finds that they are no longer safe and is solely responsible for the security of his / her account, but also for any activity on the site by other people who have accessed his or her account.

From the moment you register and open an account you become a user, which means that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions specified.

Within the www.otelstructuri.ro site, the user is responsible for the veracity of the data entered during the creation of the account, as well as for placing the order on the site. Metaled Steel Materials Society, S.R.L. can not be held responsible for errors resulting from user negligence regarding the security and confidentiality of their account and password.

The user's personal data will only be used by Metaled Steel Materials for the intended purpose of this site, including but not limited to order confirmation, information about any promotions, etc.

Accessing the www.otelstructuri.ro site, visiting, purchasing products or sending emails to Metaled Steel Materials S.R.L. is made electronically, considering that the user agrees to receive notifications from www.otelstructuri.ro in electronic way, including emails or announcements on the site.

The content of the www site. otelstructuri.ro (texts, images, graphic representations, programs, web graphics and other data) is the property of Metaled Steel Materials S.R.L and is protected under the Copyright and Intellectual Property Law.

The structure and design of the site are the exclusive property of Metaled Steel Materials S.R.L. and are protected by the Copyright Law and Intellectual and Industrial Property Laws.

Copying, distributing, transmitting, publishing, reproducing, creating a document derived from any information or service obtained from or through the site is forbidden. The use without written permission of Metaled Steel Materials S.R.L of any of the items listed above is punishable under the laws in force.

All programs used on this site are the property of Metaled Steel Materials S.R.L., or its program providers, and are protected by applicable laws.

Metaled Steel Materials Society, S.R.L. guarantees the user limited, personal interest on this site and does not grant the user the right to download
or to partially or totally modify the site, partially or completely reproduce the site, copy, sell / resell or exploit the Site in any other manner for commercial purposes or otherwise to the interests of Metaled Steel Materials SRL without its written consent.

Persons accessing / visiting the site can make comments and communications; can provide suggestions, ideas, questions and information as long as their content is legal, is not obscene, threatening, defamatory, does not in any way disturb the privacy of others, does not violate intellectual property rights, does not contain viruses, texts targeting various promotional campaigns, chain letters, mass mails, or any other form of spam. Persons who will use a false email address or will send electronic messages or any other communications on behalf of another natural or legal person or on behalf of any other entity will be sanctioned under the laws in force.

Metaled Steel Materials S.R.L. will guarantee the security and confidentiality of data hosted and transmitted through its IT system. Metaled Steel Materials S.R.L. but it does not assume responsibility for the loss of information caused by any malfunctions or the occurrence of software errors on which the site is designed and hosted nor does it guarantee that the site, the server / servers or mails sent by www.otelstructures. ro contain no viruses or other harmful components. Metaled Steel Materials S.R.L. is not responsible for malfunctions that compromise the security of the server on which the site is hosted.

The attempt to access another user's personal data, modify the content of the site, affect the performance of the server running www.otelstructuri.ro will be considered a fraud attempt at www.otelstructuri.ro and will have as a consequence the initiation of criminal investigation procedures against the person / persons who have tried these actions.

Metaled Steel Materials S.R.L. complies with the provisions of Law 51/2003 for the approval of the Government Ordinance no. 130/2000, regarding the legal regime of distance contracts, which confers to the Buyer (only in the conditions of the mentioned normative act) the right, within 10 days, to unilaterally denounce the Contract and to receive within 30 days from denunciation unilateral in writing (document signed by Buyer and transmitted electronically or by mail with acknowledgment of receipt) the price of the Contract, subject to the return of Goods and Services. Metaled Steel Materials S.R.L. has the right that when he considers that the Buyer's actions have been bad intention to claim damages to the Buyer under the conditions of the law.

Buying products through the site, visiting it means that the user agrees that the Romanian Law will govern the Terms and Conditions of Use above and any dispute of any kind that may arise between the user and Metaled Steel Materials SRL and its partners. In the event of any misunderstanding or conflict between Metaled Steel Materials S.R.L. and its clients, will first try to solve them amiably. If the amicable way is not possible, the conflict will be settled in court, according to the Romanian laws in force.

Product prices are listed for each product and are updated daily.

The displayed prices are expressed in RON / unit of measure. The unit of measurement may be as follows: kg, piece (roll, box, etc.)

The prices shown are VAT.

The products marketed through www.otelstructuri.ro are new, in the original packaging of the producer, and on delivery are accompanied by the fiscal invoice and in certain cases quality / warranty certificates.

Product returns can be made when: you have received a product other than the one ordered, the product shows visible damage and the unilateral termination of the contract in accordance with Ordinance no. 130/2000 regarding the legal regime of distance contracts (including further modifications).

In all these cases, please contact us as soon as possible to remedy these situations.

The buyer has the right to notify in writing the merchant that he or she cancels the purchase without penalty and without invoking a reason, within 10 business days of receiving the product.

Disclaimer within 10 days may apply only to products purchased from www.otelstructuri.ro.

The returned product must be in the same condition as it was delivered (in the original package with all the accessories, with the accompanying labels and accompanying documents). The return costs will be borne by the customer, and the reimbursement of the product's equivalent will be made within 30 days of
on the return.

SC Metaled Steel Materials SRL reserves the right not to accept the return of products that do not comply with the above conditions, products that show marks of kickbacks, are deformed, scratched, cut / debited at certain dimensions (other than those to which they were delivered ), special order products (eg steel shaped according to the armature excerpt) or products with quantitative shortcomings.

The return requests will be settled within 30 days of the date of submission / submission of the necessary documents to our company. Documents required for this procedure: a written request for unilateral termination of the contract (with the full data of the person making the denunciation, signed and dated, data about the returned product and the reason for the return), the original invoice, the quality / guarantee certificate (as the case may be) a copy of the identity card of the person appearing on the bill as beneficiary

For any information, concerns or complaints regarding any product purchased from www.otelstructuri.ro, please send an e-mail to us at sales@otelstructuri.ro. Please provide as clear as possible: the reasons that have led to this situation, the product / products purchased, the full and correct name, the date you placed the order, the date and the delivery method. All of this data will help us communicate with you and take the fastest and most accurate remedies to remedy the deficiencies.