Glavanised steel sheets

Galvanized steel sheet

Galvanized steel sheet is a metallurgical product obtained by cold rolling. For better protection against rust and other external factors, galvanized steel sheet is coated on both sides with a zinc coating. Due to the properties it presents, galvanized sheet has various applications: auto industry, construction (especially for roofs and fences), carcasses for electrical systems, etc. sells at the best price galvanized steel sheet according to EN10327/04, DX51D 100 - 140 gr. Zn/mp.

Dimensions for galvanized steel sheet (galvanized steel plate):

0,5x1000x2000 / 1250x2500

0,6x1000x2000 / 1250x2500

0,8x1000x2000 / 1250x2500

1x1000x2000 / 1250x2500

1,25x1000x2000 / 1250x2500

1,5x1000x2000 / 1250x2500

2x1000x2000 / 1250x2500

Dimensions for folded galvanized sheet:

0,5x1074 (initial 1250)x2000 - fold 18.2 mm

0,6x1074 (initial 1250)x2000 - fold 18.2 mm

0,8x1074 (initial 1250)x2000 - fold 18.2 mm

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