Tin roofing nails

Tin roofing nails

The tin roofing nails / bituminous shingles category contains nails made of hard steel wire with a flat head type C. They are used specifically for the purpose of holding and fixing sheets or bituminous shingles on the roofs of buildings. These materials are produced from steel wire with low carbon content. They are cheap products, presenting a relatively low price level compared to other types of similar products. They are efficient, resistant, useful, practical, being essential elements in any roofing sheet assembly project.

They are delivered packed in cardboard boxes, weight of 5 kg / box, sizes available between 2 x 20 - 3.5 x 50 millimeters. Among the most important activities in the installation of roofs is the use of sheet nails according to the rules/standards in force. In addition, it is very important to fix them correctly on the roof. The nails used to fasten the bituminous sheet / shingle must be: galvanized, resistant against corrosion, used in sufficient number and hammered in the correct position.

Technical details of roof sheet nails (mm), made according to the STAS 2111-90 standards in force:

  • deviations for lengths between 11 - 20 = +/- 1.00.
  • limit deviations regarding the lengths of 20 - 40 = +/- 1.50.
  • limit deviations for lengths over 50 = +/- 2.00.

Otelstructuri.ro sells at the best price roof sheet nails in accordance with current standards STAS 2111-90, size 3x30 mm. Deliveries in Bucharest, Ilfov and neighboring counties.

For price offers of nails for galvanized sheets, used in the installation of roofs, please send the necessary information to the email address!

The offer of nails for fixing the sheet metal is periodically updated according to market fluctuations.

Offer valid within the limit of available stock.

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Roofing nails 3 x 30 mm

Roofing nails 3 x 30 mm.
8,90 lei