Rectangular hollow section

Rectangular hollow section

Longitudinally welded rectangular hollow section or rectangular section steel tube is a product obtained by hot rolling or cold rolling.

The welded rectangular steel tube is produced from steel sheets, in different sizes and qualities. It presents an excellent price - benefit ratio. The constructive qualities give it remarkable properties regarding resistance, durability and elasticity.

The black longitudinally welded rectangular hollow profiles are produced according to EN 10210 - hot finished profiles, EN 10219 - cold deformed profiles, in standard lengths: 6000 mm / 12000 mm.

Dimensions of rectangular section steel tubes, according to standard EN10219, grades of material S235JRH / S355J2H. Price expressed in RON / m:

  • 20x10x1.5, 20x10x2, 25x15x2
  • 30x10x1.5, 30x10x2
  • 30x20x1.5, 30x20x2, 30x20x3
  • 40x20x1.5, 40x20x2, 40x20x3
  • 40x30x1.5, 40x30x2, 40x30x3
  • 50x20x1.5, 50x20x2, 50x20x3
  • 50x30x1.5, 50x30x2, 50x30x3, 50x30x4
  • 50x40x2, 50x40x3, 50x40x4
  • 60x20x1.5, 60x20x2, 60x20x3, 60x20x4
  • 60x30x1.5, 60x30x2, 60x30x3
  • 60x40x1.5, 60x40x2, 60x40x3, 60x40x4, 60x40x5
  • 70x30x2, 70x30x4, 70x30x5, 70x30x6
  • 70x50x2, 70x50x4, 70x50x5, 70x50x6
  • 80x40x2, 80x40x3, 80x40x4, 80x40x5, 80x40x6
  • 80x60x2, 80x60x3, 80x60x4, 80x60x5, 80x60x6
  • 100x40x3, 100x40x4, 100x40x5, 100x40x6
  • 100x50x3, 100x50x4, 100x50x5, 100x50x6
  • 100x60x3, 100x60x4, 100x60x5, 100x60x6, 100x60x8
  • 100x80x3, 100x80x4, 100x80x5, 100x80x6, 100x80x8
  • 120x40x3, 120x40x4, 120x40x5, 120x40x6, 120x40x8
  • 120x60x3, 120x60x4, 120x60x5, 120x60x6, 120x60x8
  • 120x80x3, 120x80x4, 120x80x5, 120x80x6, 120x80x8
  • 120x100x3, 120x100x4, 120x100x5, 120x100x6, 120x100x8
  • 140x80x3, 140x80x4, 140x80x5, 140x80x6, 140x80x8
  • 150x50x3, 150x50x4, 150x50x5, 150x50x6, 150x50x8
  • 150x100x3, 150x100x4, 150x100x5, 150x100x6, 150x100x8
  • 160x80x3, 160x80x4, 160x80x5, 160x80x6, 160x80x8
  • 180x100x4, 180x100x5, 180x100x6, 180x100x8
  • 200x80x4, 200x80x5, 200x80x6, 200x80x8
  • 200x100x4, 200x100x5, 200x100x6, 200x100x8. sells at the best price rectangular steel tube, according EN10219, grades S235JRH / S355J2H, various sizes. Deliveries in Bucharest, Ilfov and neighboring counties.

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The price offers are updated according to market fluctuations.

The offer is valid within the stock limit.