Hot rolled steel sheet

Hot rolled steel sheet

Hot rolled steel sheet is a metallurgical product obtained by hot rolling. Due to its multiple advantages, hot rolled steel sheet represents one of the most used steel products in various fields of activity: industry (machinery, machinery, spare parts, etc.), construction (metallic structures and structures of resistance or support). sells at the best price hot rolled steel sheet according to EN10025, S235JR / S355J2.

Hot rolled steel sheet dimensions according to EN10025 quality S235JR / S355J2:

1.5x1250x2500; 2x1250x2500; 2,5x1250x2500

3x1500x6000; 4x1500x6000; 5x1500x6000; 6x1500x6000; 8x1500x6000; 10x1500x6000; 12x1500x6000

15x2000x6000 / 12000; 20x2000x6000 / 12000; 25x2000x6000 / 12000; 30x2000x6000 / 12000; 35x2000x6000 / 12000; 40x2000x6000 / 12000; 45x2000x6000 / 12000; 50x2000x6000 / 12000; 55x2000x6000 / 12000; 60x2000x6000 / 12000; 65x2000x6000 / 12000; 70x2000x6000 / 12000; 80x2000x6000 / 12000; 90x2000x6000 / 12000; 100x2000x6000 / 12000

Striped steel sheet dimensiones according to EN10025 quality S235JR:

3x1500x6000 / 1250x6000

4x1500x6000; 5x1500x6000; 6x1500x6000; 8x1500x6000; 10x1500x6000

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