Angle steel profile

Angle steel profile

The steel angle profile material with unequal or equal legs is a metallurgical product obtained by hot rolling technological preocess. It is also known as "L profile", due to the shape of the letter "L" that it presents in the section. From the point of view of the shape of the section, this profile is divided into two large categories:equal legs angles and unequal legs angles. Steel angle bar markers are materials with an excellent price level, particularly resistant and durable over time. It is used especially in the field of constructions and fabrications for metal halls, buildings, various support structures, pillars, frames, frames, iron gates and fences, etc

The angle steel profile is produced in a variety of sizes, it must be straight, without bends or deformations along the entire length, including at the ends and without twisting around its own axis.

Sizes / dimensions (mm) angle profile with equal legs, according to EN 10025, grades of steel S235JR - S355J2:

  • 20x20x3, 25x25x3, 25x25x4, 25x25x5.
  • 30x30x3, 30x30x4, 30x30x5, 35x35x4.
  • 40x40x4, 40x40x5, 40x40x6, 45x45x4, 45x45x5, 45x45x6.
  • 50x50x5, 50x50x6, 50x50x7, 55x55x5, 55x55x6.
  • 60x60x5, 60x60x6, 60x60x8, 60x60x10.
  • 70x70x6, 70x70x8, 70x70x10.
  • 80x80x6, 80x80x8, 80x80x10.
  • 90x90x6, 90x90x8, 90x90x10, 90x90x12.
  • 100x100x8, 100x100x10, 100x100x12, 100x100x15.
  • 120x120x8, 120x120x10, 120x120x12, 120x120x15.

Standard lengths - 6000 mm / 12000 mm. sells at the best price steel angle profile with equal legs, produced in accordance with standard EN10025, available grades S235JR - S355J2, various sizes. Deliveries in the Bucharest - Ilfov area and neighboring counties.

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