Steel tubes

Steel tubes

Longitudinal welded steel tubes, also called hollow profile or welded steel pipes, is a long metallurgical product used mainly in constructions or in various industrial fields. Due to the multiple sizes available, a fair price level and the constructive qualities, carbon steel pipes are ideal materials for the execution of various metal constructions (gates, fences, furniture, shelves, parts, etc.). At the same time, it is used for the construction of large - scale metal structures: buildings, bridges and other infrastructure projects.

The longitudinal welded tubes is a recyclable material, associated with resistance, durability and elasticity. It is used effectively in large - scale projects that require high resistance to withstand internal /  external pressure or high durability against shocks / vibrations.

The welded steel pipes presents a series of important technical and economic benefits: resistance against longitudinal stress, rust and other extremely corrosive external environmental factors, durability, reduced costs of processing, assembly, maintenance and replacement.

Welded steel tubes are produced from sheet metal according to the European standards in force. Depending on the technological lamination process, it can be found in the following forms: hot rolled, cold rolled and drawn. According to the shape of the section, we find the following categories of longitudinal welded pipes:

  • square
  • rectangular
  • construction round section
  • installations
  • galvanized sells at the best price steel tubes black and galvanized, according to current European standards, various sizes. Deliveries in the Bucharest - Ilfov area.

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