OB37 wire rod coil

OB37 wire rod coil

OB37 wire rod coil, known as OB37 reinforcing steel in coil, is a steel product with a smooth profile. It is generally manufactured and sold in the form of coils, but also in bars of different sizes (diameters / lengths). OB37 reinforcing coil is a metallurgical product obtained through the technological process of hot rolling. It has a low carbon content, low strength, high ductility and medium adhesion with concrete. It is an efficient, malleable material, less rigid than the concrete steel benchmark with a periodic profile. This product has a relatively low price, but a very good efficiency. It is especially used to make stirrups for rebars, columns, beams, belts and other component elements of reinforced concrete structures.

Technical details of OB37 steel coil / wire rod with smooth profile, according to STAS 438-1 / 2012 standards:

  • symbolisation: O – steel (ro - otel); B – concrete (ro - beton); number 37 - breaking strength of steel;
  • steel material chemical composition: C - 0.230; Mn - 0.750; P - 0.045; S - 0.045; And - 0.400; Ni - 0.300; Cr - 0.300; Cu - 0.500;
  • mechanical properties: yield strength Rp0.2 - ≥ 235 MPa; tensile load Rm - ≥ 360 MPa; elongation (A) - ≥ 25 %.

The quality of the reinforcement, the quality of the reinforcing wire rod material and the percentage of longitudinal and transverse reinforcement of the sections determine the mechanical resistance and stability of the constructions.

Otelstructuri.ro sells OB37 reinforcing steel in coil, with a smooth profile at the best price, produced according Romanian STAS 438-1 / 2021. Stock available sizes (diameters): 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm. Deliveries in the Bucharest - Ilfov area and neighboring counties.

For OB37 steel coil offers, please send the necessary information to the email address!

The price offers related to OB37 reinforcing coil are updated according to market fluctuations.

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OB37 coil 6 mm

OB37 coil 6 mm - wire rod.
4,36 lei

OB37 coil 8 mm

OB37 coil 8 mm - wire rod.
4,36 lei

OB37 coil 10 mm

OB37 coil 10 mm - wire rod.
4,36 lei

OB37 coil 12 mm

OB37 coil 12 mm - wire rod.
4,36 lei