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Otelstructuri.ro distributes steel products and building materials with over 10 years experience in marketing these products on the Romanian market. Thanks to our vast network of suppliers, we can provide you with a wide range of metallurgical products and building materials specifically designed to build foundations and structures for industrial and civil buildings, constructions, structures and metal structures. Our range of products includes: steel / iron concrete binder and bar, steel / iron molded iron, welded mesh, wire, nails, curved panels, galvanized welded mesh, galvanized wire mesh, square longitudinally welded square pipe, longitudinally welded rectangular pipe, longitudinally welded pipe, pipe for installations, galvanized pipe, black sheet, pickled sheet, galvanized sheet, round steel, wide steel, square steel, hexagon, straight wing corners, INP profile and UNP profile.

We want to offer our customers reliable, fast and flexible services. In the hope of good collaboration, we look forward to your requests!