Steel plumbing pipe

Steel plumbing pipe

The round steel pipe for installations is known also as the plumbing pipe. It is produced from strips of carbon steel sheet through the technological process of hot lamination. These types of pipes must not have cracks or other defects that do not comply with the norms / standards in force, which would cause a decrease in resistance. Their ends are cut straight, perpendicular to the axis of the bar.

The steel plumbing pipe is manufactured in a wide variety of sizes (wall thicknesses and diameters - mm) and benefits from a relatively low price. It is produced and sold in the non-threaded version, not being equipped with a plug. It is an extremely useful product, practical, malleable, resistant against the action of corrosive factors, recyclable, easy to repair / replace with low costs in case of damage. The varied dimensional range and the constructive characteristics of the plumbing pipe determine the large-scale use of these materials in various construction activities, in order to create various heating, domestic water or air conditioning distribution systems.

Sizes and specific weights for black steel pipe, according to European standard EN10255 / EN10217, grade of steel S235JR. Price in RON / m:

mm toli  2.3 2.6 2.9  3.2  3.6  4
21.3 1/2" 1.078          
26.9 3/4" 1.396 1.559        
33.7 1"   1.995 2.203      
42.4 1 1/4"     2.825      
48.3 1 1/2"     3.247      
60.3 2"       4.106 5.034  
76.1 2 1/2"       5.753 6.437  
88.9 3"         7.573  
114.3 4"           10.881

The black water pipes is produced and found on the market in the following variants: light series ISO65 I, ISO65 II or normal series, in accordance with the EN10217 standard. Standard production lengths 6000 mm. sells at the best price steel pipe for installations, in accordance with the European norms EN 10255 / EN 10217, material grade S235JR, various sizes. Deliveries in the Bucharest - Ilfov area and neighboring counties.

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