Steel sheet

Steel sheet

Carbon steel sheet is a metallurgical product obtained through the technological processes of hot rolling or cold rolling. It is sold in the form of plates or rolls of different sizes / qualities. Due to the multiple technical advantages, a relatively low price level, the steel plates are used for the execution of various metal constructions or for the realization of large - scale metal infrastructure structures. The technological advance recorded in recent years in terms of the machines for processing of carbon steel plates materials resulted in a considerable increase in the weight of the use of this landmark in construction field or in various industrial branches.

The steel sheet used in metal construction products or on the metal structures implies a series of technical and economic benefits. The advantages are generated by the constructive properties of this type of material:

  • special resistance against corrosion / the action of other external environmental factors.
  • it is a malleable product, easy to process without changing the mechanical / chemical properties.
  • it is a recyclable material, strong, resistant, durable, easy to repair / replace at a low price.

Depending on the stages of the technological production process, the mechanical properties, the chemical composition or the final destination, there are 3 large categories of sheets:

  • hot rolled plates.
  • cold rolled sheet.
  • galvanized sheet. sells at the best price carbon steel sheet produced according to the European standards in force, various qualities and sizes. Deliveries are made in Bucharest, Ilfov and neighboring counties.

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