Barbed wire

Barbed wire for fencing

Galvanized barbed wire is a steel product made with the help of special machines, by intertwining galvanized wire strands. It presents knots of thorns positioned at equal distances along the length of the wire, being an ideal material to be used in general agricultural activities, when fencing land (yards, gardens, etc.) or in other household works. Also, this landmark is used to ensure the security of certain areas with special destination. By mounting this product on the fence, the height of the panels or fence nets is obtained by several rows, in order to obtain additional protection.

Barbed wire for fencingis an essential element in ensuring the protection and security of fenced land surfaces. It is an economic material, presenting a relatively low price level, but a very good efficiency. It is produced according to the approved standards in force STAS 1179-80 (A), SR EN 10223-1/1999 from galvanized steel wire, of different sizes. It is sold in coils with the unfolded length of 100 m. At the same time, thanks to the zinc metal coating, this type of product has a high degree of durability over time / resistance against external corrosive environmental factors. It is a practical, malleable material, easy to bend, cut, assemble / disassemble / replace.

Technical details of this security fencing wire rod, in accordance with to STAS 1179-80(A) and SR EN 10223-1/1999 quality standards:

  • tensile strength: 290 - 490 N / mmp;
  • number of bends: 4;
  • metal coating by means of the thermal galvanizing process;
  • minimum zinc layer: 45 g/m2. sells at the best price galvanized barbed wire, in accordance with current standards SR EN 10223-1/1999, STAS 1179-80 (A). Stock available sizes / diameters: 1.8 mm, 2 mm and 2.2 mm. Deliveries in Bucharest, Ilfov and neighboring counties.

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Galvanized barbed wire 1.8 mm

Galvanized barbed wire 1.8 mm for fencing.
73,00 lei

Galvanized barbed wire 2 mm

Galvanized barbed wire 2 mm for fencing.
83,00 lei

Galvanized barbed wire 2.2 mm

Galvanized barbed wire 2.2 mm for fencing.
93,00 lei