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reinforcing steel, welded mesh, black wire, galvanized wire, construction nails, fence panels, fence mesh, square tubes, rectangular tubes, construction pipes, installation pipes, galvanized pipes, plates, pickled sheet, zinc sheet, round steel, square steel, flat steel, haxagon, angels, profiles

Otelstructuri.ro offers a wide range of building materials to build reinforced concrete foundations and structures, but also steel products used in various construction, metal or household applications: reinforcing steel, welded mesh in standard and economical versions, black soft wire, galvanized soft wire, barbed wire, nails for building and nails for roofing sheet and bituminous shingles, fence panels, fence mesh, square steel tubes and rectangular steel tubes, black round construction and installation pipes, galvanized round pipes, steel plate, pickled and galvanized sheet, steel profiles: round steel, square steel, flat steel, haxagon, angels, INP, UNP. With over ten years experience in metallurgical products on the Romanian market, supported by a vast network of suppliers, we are working every day to provide you with the best products from the most famous manufacturers of construction materials, at the best prices and transport options. The prices of products marketed by the online store Otel Structuri are in RON, VAT included and exw deposit. Deliveries are mainly made in Bucharest, Ilfov and the neighboring areas. For deliveries to other areas of the country, each order will be discussed separately. In order to obtain a personalized price offer, please send us the necessary materials at the e-mail address below, along with your contact details and delivery location. These details help us to contact you more easily in order to optimize your orders.

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PC52 / B500C bar Ø 8 mm

PC52 / B500C bar Ø 8 mm.
5,23 lei

PC52 / B500C bar Ø 10 mm

PC52 / B500C bar Ø 10 mm.
5,09 lei

OB37 coil Ø 6 mm

OB37 coil Ø 6 mm.
5,29 lei

PC52 / B500C bar Ø 32 mm

PC52 / B500C bar Ø 32 mm.
5,09 lei