Shaped rebar 12, 14, 16 mm

Shaped rebar 12, 14, 16 mm - OB37, PC52, B500C (BST500)
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Shaped rebar 12, 14, 16 mm coil OB37, PC52, B500C (BST500) according to STAS 438-1 / 2012 + ST009 / 2011

Shaped rebar landmarks 12, 14, 14 mm coil OB37, PC52, B500C (BST500) are produced at a very good price - efficiency ratio. It involves processing the coils, cutting them to certain sizes and bending them at different angles or radius to ensure the passage from one area to another and for a better anchoring in the concrete.

The shaping process (cut & bent) is carried out according to the quotas in the project, based on the reinforcement extract, obtained by mechanical or manual processing.

The shaping of reinforcing steel by the mechanical method brings with it a series of technical and economic advantages:

  • reducing the time related to assembly on site.
  • the high quality of the cut & bent rebar obtained, with a very good price.
  • reducing losses by optimizing dimensions in production.
  • elimination of human errors that may occur in the case of manual processing.

The smooth OB37 wire rod is a malleable steel, being used especially for making stirrups for reinforced concrete structures.

Periodic / striated rebar PC52, BST500S (B500C), being stiffer steels, thus offering a better stiffening of foundation beams, plate beams or column casings. sells at the best price shaped rebar 12, 14, 16 mm OB37, PC52, BST500S (B500C), according current standards. Deliveries in Bucharest, Ilfov and neighboring counties.

The shaping of the wire rod is performed according to the dimensions presented in the rebar extract.

Please send the reinforcement extract to the e-mail address!

Products specifications
Material cut & bent rebars
Product cut & bent OB37, PC52, B500C (BST500)
Diameter 12 mm
Diameter 14 mm
Diameter 16 mm
Dimensions according the project
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