Reinforcing welded net 10 mm 2000 x 6000 mm (15 x 15 cm)

Reinforcing welded net 10 mm 2000 x 6000 mm (15 x 15 cm) for concrete reinforcement.
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Reinforcing welded net 10 mm 2000 x 6000 mm (15 x 15 cm) produced according to SR 438-3 / 2012

Reinforcing welded mesh 10 mm 2000 x 6000 mm (15 x 15 cm) is a metallurgical product used especially for reinforcing concrete resistance structures. Welded wire mesh is made of cold drawn steel bars, arranged perpendicularly and bond.

Reinforcing welded net 10 mm, mesh 150 x 150 mm, known as concrete welded net, is manufactured with the help of automatic machines, in a very varied dimensional range, depending on the length of the panels and the shape or size of the mesh. It is a particularly effective material in terms of the low costs it generates. It presents a relatively low price level, compared to the technical benefits it brings, offering at the same time a good resistance and a high durability of the works. Reinforcing wire net is also used to enclose some land surfaces, to make various metal constructions or in certain household activities.

Technical details of reinforcing net 10 mm, format / sizes 2000x6000 mm, mesh 150 x 150 mm:

  • bar diameter deviation: +/-0.08 mm;
  • yield strength Rp0.2 - 460 N/mmp;
  • tensile strength Rm - 510 N/mmp;
  • tensile strength of wires - 400-900 N/mmp. sells at the best price welded wire mesh, wire thickness 10 mm, sizes 2000x6000 mm (15x15 cm), in accordance with current standard SR 438-3 / 2012. Deliveries in Bucharest, Ilfov and neighboring counties.

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Products specifications
Material steel
Product reinforcing welded net
Diameter 10 mm
Dimensions 2000x6000 mm
Mesh 15 x 15 cm
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