Rectangular steel tubes

Rectangular steel tubes

The rectangular steel tube is a metallurgical product with a very wide range of use, ranging from household, civil use to industrial, agricultural or construction activities. The longitudinal welded rectangular pipe is used for the execution of various metallic products and gates (gates and fences, furniture, frames, shelves, components of machinery and equipment, supporting structures), but also for the realization of large-scale metallic structures (buildings, bridges , roads, installations, etc.). The rectangular pipe is produced according to EN 10210 (for hot-finished profiles) and EN 10219 (for cold-deformed profiles) in 6m or 12m length bars in quality variants S235JRH, S275JOH, S355J2H. sells at the best price longitudinally welded rectangular tubes according to EN10219, S235JRH / S355J2H.

Rectangular steel tubes dimensions S235JRH according to EN10219:

30x10x1.2; 30x20x1.2; 40x20x1.2

20x10x1.5; 25x15x1.5; 30x10x1.5; 30x20x1.5; 40x20x1.5; 40x30x1.5; 50x20x1.5; 50x30x1.5; 60x40x1.5

40x20x1.8 50x30x1.8

25x15x2; 30x10x2; 30x20x2; 40x20x2; 40x30x2; 50x20x2; 35x35x2; 50x30x2; 50x40x2; 60x30x2; 60x40x2; 70x30x2; 70x50x2; 80x40x2

50x30x2.7; 60x40x2.7

40X20x3; 40x30x3; 50x20x3; 50x30x3; 50x40x3; 60x30x3; 60x40x3; 70x40x3; 70x50x3; 80x40x3; 80X60x3; 100x40x3; 100x50x3; 100x60x3; 120X60x3; 100X80x3; 150X50x3

50X30x4; 60x20x4; 60X40x4; 70x50x4; 80x40x4; 80x50x4; 100x40x4; 80x60x4; 100x50x4; 100x60x4; 120X40x4; 120X60x4; 100X80x4; 120X80x4; 150X50x4; 160X80x4; 200x100x4

60x40x5; 70x50x5; 80x40x5; 80x50x5; 100x40x5; 80x60x5; 100x50x5; 100x60x5; 120x40x5; 120X60x5; 100X80x5; 150x50x5; 120x80x5; 160X80x5; 200x100x5

70x50x6; 80x40x6; 100x40x6; 80x60x6; 100x50x6; 100x60x6; 120x40x6; 120X60x6; 100X80x6; 150x50x6; 120x80x6; 160X80x6; 200x100x6

Rectangular steel tubes dimensions S355J2H according to EN10219:

200x100x5; 150x250x5; 300x100x5

200x100x6; 150x250x6; 300x100x6

100x60x8; 120x40x8; 150x50x8; 120x80x8; 160X80x8; 200x100x8; 150x250x8; 300x100x8; 300x200x8; 250x350x8

120x80x10; 160X80x10; 200x100x10; 150x250x10; 300x100x10; 300x200x10; 350x250x10

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