Pickled steel sheet

Pickled steel sheet

Pickled steel sheet is a metallurgical product obtained by cold rolling. In order to protect against rust, the pickled steel sheet shows on the entire surface an oily film, easy to remove at the time of machining. Due to its many advantages and the properties it offers, pickled steel sheet is generally used to produce parts or components of different structures, especially those that remain visible.

Otelstructuri.ro sells at the best price pickled steel sheet for metallic constructions and garments according to EN 10130, DC01.

Pickled steel sheet dimensions DC01 according to EN 10130:

0.4x1000x2000; 0,5x1000x2000; 0,6x1000x2000; 0,8x1000x2000

1x1000x2000 / 1250x2500; 1,25x1000x2000 / 1250x2500; 1,50x1000x2000 / 1250x2500; 2x1000x2000 / 1250x2500; 2,5x1000x2000 / 1250x2500

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