PC52 / B500C wire rod 8 mm

PC52 / B500C wire rod 8 mm for concrete reinforcements.
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PC52 wire rod / B500C wire rod 8 mm (BST500) produced according to STAS 438-1 / 2012 / DIN 488

PC52 coil / B500C coil 8 mm (BST500) are brands of concrete steel with periodical profile. PC52 / B500C (BST500 bar) reinforcing steel products have a limited carbon content. They are weakly alloyed and are the preferred materials most of the time in the construction of structures, due to their higher resistance and for upper anchoring.

PC52 wire rod 8 mm is a steel with a periodic profile whose surface has two diametrically opposed longitudinal ribs.

B500C wire rod 8 mm (the class with the best ductility within BST500) is a reinforcing steel with a striated profile and is characterized by a specific arrangement of striations, different from other types of reinforcing steel.

The effective use of PC52 coil involves cutting to different sizes, shaping and mounting the reinforcements according to the structure project. The type of concrete steel to be used as reinforcement, according to the project and the technical regulations in force, is decided by the designer.

The lifetime of the B500C coil material is equal to the lifetime of the reinforced elements in which it is inserted. That is why it is very important to cover the minimum with concrete and observe the anti-corrosion protection measures.

The main mandatory requirements for concrete steel reinforcements used in various reinforced concrete components and structures refer to: mechanical characteristics (resistance to traction and deformation) and adhesion (relative surface of the striations).

The mechanical strength and stability of reinforced constructions depend directly on the quality of the reinforcement, the quality of the concrete steel, but also on the percentage of longitudinal and transverse reinforcement of the reinforced concrete sections.

The reinforcing steel grades B500C coil / P52 coil 8 mm (BST500) are used in civil and industrial constructions to make stirrups for rebars.

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Products specifications
Material reinforcing steel
Product PC52 / B500C (BST500)
Diameter 8 mm
Dimensions coil
Specific weight 0.40 kg / m
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