PC52 / B500C coil Ø 14 mm

PC52 / B500C coil Ø 14 mm.
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PC52 / B500C coil Ø 14 mm (BST500 coil) produced according to STAS 438-1 / 2012 / DIN 488

PC52 / B500C coil Ø 14 mm (BST500 coil) are branded steel with striated profile. Reinforcing steel PC52 / B500C bar (BST500 bar) has a limited carbon content, low alloy, and is the most preferred steel for building structures due to higher strength and higher anchoring.

Reinforcing steel PC52 is a steel with a periodic profile whose surface has two diametrically opposite longitudinal ribs.

Reinforcing steel B500C (the best ductile grade in the BST500) is a steel with a regular profile and is characterized by a specific layout of the strands, different from other types of concrete.

Concrete steel PC52 / B500C coil Ø 14 mm (BST500 coil) is used in civil and industrial constructions for the installation of armatures for armatures.

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Products specifications
Material reinforcing steel
Product PC52 / B500C (BST500)
Diameter 14 mm
Dimensions coil
Specific weight 1.21 kg / m
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