Fence pillars

Fence pillars

Fence pillars are made of galvanized or painted galvanized pipe, thus providing protection against rust. They are used to make fencing, being a support element for curved fence panels or fence meshes.

Otelstructuri.ro sells at the best price fance pillars, galvanized or painted, with the height of 1750 mm, 2000 mm, 2250 mm and 2500 mm.

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Zinc pillar 1750 mm

Zinc pillar 1750 mm.
42,00 RON

Zinc pillar 2000 mm

Zinc pillar 2000 mm.
45,00 RON

Zinc pillar 2250 mm

Zinc pillar 2250 mm.
51,00 RON

Zinc pillar 2500 mm

Zinc pillar 2500 mm.
57,00 RON

Green pillar 1750 mm

Green pillar 1750 mm.
54,00 RON

Green pillar 2000 mm

Green pillar 2000 mm.
60,00 RON