Black steel wire 3 mm

Black steel wire 3 mm for binding.
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Black steel wire 3 mm produced according to STAS 889-89 and SR EN 10218-2 / 98

Black iron wire 3 mm for binding is a product obtained from mild steel with low carbon content, following a specific technological manufacturing process. Black binding wires are extremly economical and efficient products. It presents a relatively low price level, compared to the benefits it brings.

Black steel wire 3 mm thickness is a malleable / soft but resistant material, practical, very useful, easy to handle / process. It has a wide range of uses, especially in the field of civil / industrial constructions. It is used for tying concrete iron, reinforcing elements, wooden ones or making various braids, fences or packaging. At the same time, this landmark finds its utility on a large scale in various fields of household activity, especially in order to link vines or in fruit growing. These types of mild steel wire are laminated and found in the market generally in the form of coils, in a diverse range of diameters.

Technical details of soft black wire 3 mm, according to SR EN 10218-2 / 98, STAS 889-89:

  • wires diameter deviations (mm): 1.00 - 1.40 = +/- 0.04.
  • the tensile strength of this material shows values ​​of max. 550 N/mm².
  • coil weight: 40 - 60 kg.
  • linear mass (kg / 1000 m): 9,100. sells at the best price black iron wire 3 mm thickness, in accordance with the regulations in force STAS 889-89, SR EN10218-2/98. Deliveries in Bucharest, Ilfov and neighboring counties.

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Products specifications
Material steel
Product black steel wire
Diameter 3 mm
Dimensions coil
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